It’s a “P” thing…

30 03 2010

I have a few series in mind to give the blog some structure and generate a range of topics. The series will be tagged for sorting and searching purposes as well as to make sure we don’t fall into a rut of the same thing each week. Once our community is established, we may engage some special topics in a series as well. The starting set of series includes:

Perspectives – Discussion of what P2 is and how it ideally should be done.

Prime example – Case studies, active P2 processes or excellent tools to check out.

Problem solving – Issues, challenges or barriers big and small that we can work on together.

People – Biographical feature to introduce ourselves and learn about regular participants.

Penny for your thoughts – Brainstorm activity on a topic, question, quotation or event.

Let me know if you have suggested resources, examples, questions or topics for these series. And more important, please check-in weekly and comment on them!


The Plan for P2 Exchange

23 03 2010

P2 Exchange is a place for conversations about public participation. I will post something each week to share stories, resources, news or other thought-provoking stuff for folks who facilitate public information and outreach.

My goal is to build an on-line community of practitioners who offer ideas, suggestions and support for the work we do every day. In my experience, P2 practitioners are very open and willing to share because we have a common commitment to create processes that enable better decisions. I believe knowledge is to be shared and everyone has something valuable to contribute.

New posts will appear Tuesday mornings before 12 noon (Mountain time, USA). I urge you to comment and respond to the posts with the same passion and respect you would exhibit in person. I also invite your ideas and suggestions for conversation topics. The blog will become more relevant as you share your questions, answers, needs and insights.

Welcome to P2 Exchange!