What qualities make a successful P2 person?

11 05 2010

What do you look for in a P2 professional? What characteristics make someone particularly good at public outreach?

I recently came across this list of characteristics for effective speech writers. I particularly like the attention to being a lifelong learner and having natural curiosity. Those qualities translate well to P2.

But what do you expect as a skill set and personality traits for our profession? Here are a few things I look for:

  • Communication skills – effective writing, public speaking, task planning and interpersonal communication are a must
  • Process-orientation – interest in a fair and open process rather than a particular outcome
  • Adaptability – the ability to apply processes and communication techniques to various topics and situations
  • Recognition of constraints – know the parameters with which you are working and convey relevant constraints to stakeholders as part of a fair and open process
  • Commitment – a sense that a good public process contributes to better decisions and better communities

Please leave a comment with the qualities you think are needed to be successful in this field!